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Return policy

Return policy

Returning goods within 14 days without giving any reason

The Civil Code establishes traders to give the customer the option within 14 days to return the goods whose purchase was carried out by means of distance communication (internet).

This option is offered to our customers under the following conditions:
1) The purchaser must return the goods, including packaging and all components.
2) The customer has the right goods to unpack and test that suits him, but the goods can not bear signs of use or damage.

Possibility of returning goods within 14 days does not apply to goods which have been modified according to customer needs.

We reserve the right to reject returned goods that doesn´t meet the above conditions, or possibly take into account these shortcomings on the returned amount.

The seller will return the paid amount to the buyer, excluding the cost of shipment if were returned all the goods of the order. Transportation of goods back from the buyer to the seller is paid by the buyer. Money for the goods will seller return either bank transfer or via postal order C, according to buyer.

In case you want to return the goods delivered by us, wrap it and send (or by appointment personally deliver) to address MB Auto Spotlight, Address: Taikos g. 63-77, Vilnius, Lithuania (need to call before personal delivery). There are two possible methods:

A) Log in to your customer account and in the order history create a refund of specific goods from previous orders. In the package then simply insert the card with the number of return, order number and account number to which you want to receive money back. Then send the package to the address above.

B) Or you will enclose to the goods: the original or a copy of the invoice and an accompanying letter. In a letter indicate that you wish to return the goods within the 14 day period and the way you want to get back your money.

We generally inform customer about the acceptance of returned goods by email. To process and refund we reserve 14 days.