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Headlight Lens Covers

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64.99€ 79.99€ Ex Tax: 64.99€

Mercedes-Benz W205 LCI Headlight Headlamp Lens Cover Right Side 2019+ --- Condition: New..

64.99€ 79.99€ Ex Tax: 64.99€

Mercedes-Benz W205 LCI Headlight Headlamp Lens Cover Left Side 2019+ --- Condition: New..

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Headlight Lens Covers

What are headlight lens covers, and what is their purpose?

As the name headlight lens covers, it's the most outer layer of the headlamp. It acts as a protective layer to the headlight component. But it's more than just protecting your lamp from debris and dirt. With this lens cover, you can drive safer, as nothing will be blocking the headlamp. 

Most cars with headlight lens covers are European ones. However, other manufacturers still need to include covers in their designs. But most of them provide the covers as an external kit.

Can I change it myself?

The short answer is yes, you can. Anyone with enough knowledge of how to work with cars can add or replace the headlight cover. The installation process can be very straightforward. 

However, most people make easy mistakes when working on the headlights. The most common mistake is choosing the wrong size. However, you can avoid this mistake by reading the description carefully. And if you're unsure, most sellers can chat for a consultation time. You can confirm if you're purchasing the right cover for your vehicle. 

Another common mistake is being too hasty during the installation and needs to let the lens dry properly. Installing the lens cover can take time, and you should always be careful not to leave prints or dust when installing.

How much does it cost to replace headlight lens covers?

The cost you have to spend depends on your car maker and model. Some vehicles are more difficult to find, therefore, even more expensive. Older vehicles may even only have parts available from collectors. You should have a flexible budget when replacing the components. 

Another thing you need to remember is that when you purchase one replacement, you are only buying one side of the lamp. So you have to read the description carefully before you buy. Of course, you also can buy both sides when they are available.

What if I want to use the lens cover from another car?

You may think a cover works for multiple cars, just like several other headlight components. But that's not the case with the cover. Each model only fits the specific model.

When you try to fit the cover from a different model, you risk breaking it. And as you know, they can get pricey at times. Do enough research before you buy any. Including if they work with other vehicles.

You can have a headlight lens cover purely for aesthetic purposes, as it will give a sleek look commonly found in a European car. But you also can have it to protect your headlamp. It ensures the lamp will diffuse properly so you can have a safer drive.